Saturday, April 15, 2017

Paul Nash

Went to see the Paul Nash exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre today. The piece that really stood out for me was this early pen and wash picture. Never seen it before, but it's amazing!
I love;

  1. The image
  2. The weird and wonderfully wonky way that the figures are drawn.
  3. The weird wonky s shape made by the winged figure and the standing figure.
  4. The way that the two figures are joined by their heads!
  5. The amazingly detailed and invented landscape, much smaller in scale than the figures. Are they gods? Giants? Or is it just dream logic?
  6. The inventedness of it all. It feels like it was just made up. No reference to real trees or people.
  7. The line made by the pen; so thin and a bit scratchy. Like an etching.
  8. The preciousness of it. the feeling that Paul Nash was totally involved in this little world. You could move around it in your head!

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