Friday, April 14, 2017

work in progress 2

Thinking about what Adam Philips says about the super-ego and self-criticism (and also the way he talks about his own relaxed, pleasurable writing process), I've determined to be easier on myself while working. To enjoy it more. To deal with those, "Aaaaargggh! It's rubbish, I'm rubbish! It's all hopeless!" moments with a more relaxed, curious, "Hmmm, what do we have here? This could be interesting.." type of approach. Adam Phillips says that we're least interesting when we're being self-critical and this made me think that self-criticism is simply a bad from of criticism. Better to think of criticism as a conversation. A call-and-response thing. I paint this bit of sky this way, what is that doing? What's my response? Do I have a response? Do I need a response? What about this bit of hair? Could I try this? How am I responding to that? Does this sound a bit mad? I'm not describing it well. (Arrrgh, it's the super-ego!)

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